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Posted by sby on September 29, 2017
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How to Choose the Right Type of Insulation

Home insulation has become part of the building projects of any home because the insulation does play a critical role in the home making the lives of the households in the home as comfortable as possible and this is achieved because insulation ensures that enough heat flows into the home during winter but when the summer sets in, insulation functions to control the flow of heat to the home. People can enjoy their life comfortable all year round without noticing the change in seasons because insulation makes it possible and insulation helps to cut down on the energy bill expenditure over the years helping one to save up some cash.

When an individual thinks of having an appropriate insulation installed in their home, there are some factors that should be kept in mind like the material, type, as well as location or application, but there are four types of the insulation that are popular for an individual to choose from depending on their interests.

Blanket insulation is a simple type of insulation because once acquired from the market the homeowner does not the services of a technician to have it installed in the home because they can do it on their own, and this insulation is available in batts or rolls which are of different widths and thickness with an added facing that blocks both air and vapor into the home. During installation the homeowner is required to put on some protective clothing so that they avoid getting into contact with the fiberglass that irritate the skin and dangerous to the lungs, and the best place to install your blanket insulation is on the foundation walls, floors, and the ceilings.

Spray foam insulation is not as cheap as the blanket insulation but it comes in liquid form therefore it can be easily spray, poured , injected or allowed to foam at a particular location in the home. The spray foam insulation prevents moisture from entering your home and therefore the pests that are attracted by moisture will not be present in your home because it fits in the crevices, gaps, and the cracks available in the spaces, and the insulation is best installed by a professional.
Rigid foam type of insulation insulates every part of the home and it is costly compared to others, and their installation is easier because it can be cut into pieces.

The final type of insulation is the loose fill insulation that is usually installed in the irregularly shaped areas as well as the cavities where it conforms to these areas and it is made of particles of fiber, foam and other materials.

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