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Posted by sby on September 26, 2019
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Gains of Online Marking Program

An examination body or a tutor often has a difficult time marking exams, especially when dealing with a large group of people. This method where examiners mark exams by themselves has been termed as corrupt and bias. It is now possible to have exams marked online by a software. A person looking for a marking software should be guided by the workload to be done by the marking software. The marking software should have all the required tool and qualities to serve. An individual using an online making software enjoys the following gains.

An individual using an online marking software saves a lot of administrative time. An individual has to mark one script to another. It takes a lot of time for them to finish up the marking of all those classes this directly leads to delay in the realize of marks and grade to the examinees. Online marking websites prevent the situation where an individual is forced to re-sit the exams because their script went missing or was misplaced by the examiners. A situation whereby the examiners suffered from a state of physical and emotional depletion is avoided.

Secondly, an online marking software, improve the accuracy of results. Errors done making directly affects the results of the examinees. Mistakes made while making including skipping of some question, righting where the answer given is wrong and wrong summation. If the software is working properly, the examinees get their results; they are supposed to be without any errors. There would be no essence of having an online marking software but still commit the same mistakes you would while making manually.

There are minimal interferences when it comes to marking exams with online marking software. Manipulation leads to falsified results affecting the whole essence of the test, which is evaluating. With online marking software there is no cheating in terms of scoring for a favourite candidate on the side of the examiner. Most of the marking software allow their candidates to view a part of the section which contains results. An examining body should, therefore, make sure that the online marking software cannot be hacked.

With online marking software uniformity while marking is maintained. Different views while marking brings about the difference in scoring on candidates. It is not unlikely to find an examiner who fails a candidate simply because they did not understand their answer, yet it is correct. When using the online marking software, it is possible to maintain a moderate passing rate for the candidates. In this sense, a candidate is therefore equipped with information on which areas to focus on when taking the next exams. The online marking software can also provide past papers to candidates.

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