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Posted by sby on February 17, 2018

Some Vaginismus Facts That You Need to Know

Sexual intercourse or easily referred to by most people as sex is something that must bring about a lot of fun and enjoyable experiences on your end and not something that you are just ashamed to express all by yourself or with your partner. Sex is something that must be enjoyed by two people and not just one of the two. But then, there are some instances where a woman might experience some pain during the entire process of the sexual contact with their partner that will not make the entire process that enjoyable. There is a name for the condition wherein the woman experiences some pain when they are having sex, that is what you call vaginismus. Though vaginismus has long been existing in among women, it can be unfortunate to note that all women are well informed about this condition and even the general public today still does not know a lot about it. You most likely have the condition of vaginismus when you all you get from having sex is just pain and never some pleasure as a woman that might have already tried having sex with different partners in your life. Thus, how come there is this condition that you call vaginismus? What might be the symptoms for this kind of condition among women aside from pain? Can you prevent this particular condition? Do you have some treatment for this particular condition you call vaginismus? When you want to learn more about vaginismus, then you have most likely been having these questions and more. If you want all of these questions to be answered about vaginismus and even learn more about the condition, then you have come to the right article.

Basically, why did vaginismus come about?

Vaginismus is the condition where the woman feels pain while having sex because the muscles of their vagina will get certain spasms that will have their vaginal opening closed off that will then make any form of penetration to the vagina painful. This condition is not too common among women; however, since not a lot of women speak up about it, then not a lot of people are well aware of the implications of this particular kind of condition. This is one of the reasons why until now, there is no exact count about the number of women suffering from vaginismus.

What symptoms are there to vaginismus?

Usually pain is the common symptom for this condition around the vagina of the woman while having sex; however, another symptom is getting some burning sensation around it. The experience is never satisfying among women suffering from vaginismus because the pain can just be too much that they can no longer even have a mutual satisfying sex.

How can you prevent vaginismus from happening to you?

Until now, no studies show any way of preventing vaginismus. Yet, if you want your vaginismus condition not to worsen, then you better establish a good open communication with your own sexual partner.

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