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Posted by sby on August 13, 2020

How to Choose the Right Grief and Life Transition Coach

When it comes to grief and life transition coaching services Connecticut and various states in the country are now providing them. This is due to the global crisis which is the pandemic as well as political issues now influencing the lives of the people. If you are having a hard time grieving or coping up with the new normal in society, it is a good step to consider hiring the services of grief and life transition coach. All you have to do is choose the right coach so you can pull yourself together and get your life on track as you move on. Here are some tips on how to choose the right grief and life transition coach.

1. Your current situation – What are you experiencing right now? Did you just lose a loved one due to the pandemic or other factors? Are you having trouble trying to keep yourself and your family healthy and living well during these times? You must have a good idea of your current situation so you can help the coach prepare the right curriculum to solve your issues.

2. Location – Where are you located? It is better to hire a coach in your area if you prefer face-to-face counseling. However, if you are comfortable with an online coach, you have a broader choice when searching for the right coach. If you are in Connecticut, make sure to look for grief and life transition coach in the area before considering coaches from other states or even outside the country.

3. Mode of counseling – What type of counseling do you prefer? Do you prefer visiting the coach to his office or have the coach visit your house? Are you willing to try online coaching services? How about group counseling? You must know that the mode of counseling can greatly influence the results since it will make you comfortable or uncomfortable during the session.

4. Expertise – The coach must be skilled and trained to provide grief and life transitioning coaching service. You do not want to become an experiment because the coach is still trying to find the right method to deal with your situation. The right coach must be both confident and capable of helping you with your issues.

5. Schedule flexibility – If you can choose the session at your own time, it will make you more comfortable and willing to cooperate with the coach. However, if you are rushed on time and have to change your schedule just to accommodate the session, it can greatly alter your lifestyle and produce negative results.

6. Rate – How much are you charged per session? You must choose a coaching service that will help you and not create more problems by making you bankrupt. Choose a service within your budget range.

7. Reputation and track record – Are there a lot of past clients who are recommending the coach? Are they satisfied with the service and have noticeable changes in their lives? You want to choose a coach that produce an actual result and not have you go through hardships while not getting the result you expect.

Ask everything before hiring the right coach.

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