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Posted by sby on February 09, 2018
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What to do When You Get Arrested for DUI

An arrest on the count of a DUI charge is a very grievous crime. You will need a criminal defense lawyer at your side to post your bail, and start working on how you shall face a judge. You will need to have an attorney good enough to beat the system and keep you out of jail.

When you face charges, you have to put things in place so that you do not have your license suspended. You will need criminal defense lawyer to prepare for this, apart from getting you out of jail and keeping you out.

For those who find themselves in this position for the first time, they will be left to go home, and even escorted there if they are not able to. If you need bail posted, your lawyer will help in this process.

When you are out, you need to arrange for a proper defense.The minute you are free, start working on a suitable defense. This is not an easy thing to do for most of us. You have to argue your criminal case, and then you have to argue against the department of motor vehicles. This process can be quick, mostly taking the frost ten days since your arrest.

You need to decide whether it’s guilty or not guilty quickly. Normally, people plead not guilty and get a chance to build their case and lessen the charges. You need to have ample time to review all the facts in the case, as well as the manner in which it was handled, to name a few. This will determine your freedom.

There are many things that could have happened from the time you were arrested for when you were charged with the crime, which could influence how well you will be to win the case. This refers to things like whether your rights were read to you, whether the blood alcohol tests were done right, or the blood sample collected respectfully, and such. There are many strategies that could be deployed to get you freed.

In some cases, the credibility of the arresting officer can be questioned. They may have done a rush job with their report, or embellished certain details to fatten their report. They may also have stopped you illegally. These are some of the bases of court arguments.

In other cases, the evidence brought forth against you could be overwhelming. You may at this point consider pleading guilty to the charges. Those who plead guilty sometime received reduced penalties and fees. Your lawyer needs to plead with the judge to forego the court sessions and give his ruling.

No matter the manner in which you decide to handle it, you need a good DUI attorney to keep you from going to jail. Having such a professional gives you a better chance of getting back to your life.

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