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Posted by sby on February 11, 2018
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It’s not always easy to choose the type of roof for your building whether it’s a new one or improving an existing existing one.

There is need to take the choice of roofing with seriousness since the roof is a very important part of a house. One of the most functions of a roof is protect the house and the people who reside in it from external element such as the rain and other materials.

The appearance of a house today is highly regarded today and the roof type is being utilized to serve the function of complementing the appearance of the house. The general outlook and style of a house is therefore largely influenced by the shape of the roof.

Installing a certain shape of roof will not consume the same amount of money to a different type and neither will the installation take similar periods of time and one of the reasons for the variations in both money and time is the shape of the roof.

Some of the popular shapes of roofs are gambrel and mansard and are usually marked by raised hear height, shed are usually very easy to connect to an existing roof.

Flat shaped roofs can be referred to as horizontal since they are at a horizontal angle or almost horizontal. Some of the benefits of installing flat roofs is that they are not very expensive to install and the duration required for the installation process to complete is generally fair.

The common types of flat roof are rubber membrane which is popular due to the fact that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, modified bitumen is heat reflective hence acts a coolant, saving in energy, and gravel flat roofs which are generally easy to install.

Gable roofs type are marked by the formed triangular shape and some of the advantages of installing roofs in the gable shale is that they shed off water and other materials that get onto their outside surface easily.

The various types or forms of gable roofs are dutch gable roofs, side gable, front gable, and crossed gable roofs. Asphalt shingles is one the types of roofing materials in use for making roofs today and can either be fiberglass shingles or or organic asphalt shingles which are some of the most affordable.

Metal roofings is another type of roofing materials omand one of the advantages of metal roofings is their ability to reflect heat from the sun hence keeping you house cool during such weather conditions.

The other type of roofing materials are wood shingles and shakes which are cost effective and very durable when installed correctly therefore thre is need to hire professionals to install them for you and not only this type of roofing materials but also any other.

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