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Posted by sby on February 09, 2018
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6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design

With the incredible rise of mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, it’s now more important than ever to go for responsive web design services. Your existing and potential clients are surfing on mobile gadgets more than ever before, needing access to your site and to contact you no matter what device they’re using. Thus, you need a site that fulfills their needs.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are six key benefits of having a responsive web design.

Mobile use keeps on rising

More than 50{bdd80d1d08558ada68ee728ca0a51665f0e24036929a9838539c44d798f30376} of all adults have a smartphone and at least 60{bdd80d1d08558ada68ee728ca0a51665f0e24036929a9838539c44d798f30376} of web traffic is from mobile devices. These numbers are also increasing day by day. Therefore, to make your site accessible to all your clients, your design needs to work on all devices all the time. And with the marketplace being very competitive, it can be costly to lose even one customer.

Easy to run

You don’t have to pay for web design and development and then manage many sites when you can create just one. This keeps things simple, saves time and is good for your ROI. Then, when you need to update content, you only need to do it once instead of across several platforms.

Enhanced user experience

There are various reasons why your brand needs a responsive website, but the main goal is to provide your clients with a greater user experience. A responsive website means no more zooming, pinching, and side scrolling to view a whole website on a mobile device screen. Moreover, better user experience decreases bounce rates, improves site conversions, and boosts brand perception.

Easily adapts to many device sizes

Do you want your site to look stunning, no matter the size of device or screen? Then choose responsive web design. But don’t just limit yourself to tablets and smartphones today. Look to the future with smart watches, Google Glass, and other new devices that will be made for browsing. Responsive web design will also work for them.

Boosts SEO

You want to rank your website well in both mobile and desktop devices. With responsive website design, you just need to optimize and control one domain and one edition of each page. If you decide to build a different mobile site, you’re going to double your work as well as that of your marketing staff. It’s simpler to optimize a responsive website for search engines and your clients as you can focus on one place.

Better marketing

With so many companies focusing a huge chunk of their marketing endeavors on social networks, it’s more and more likely that clients will access your website from a mobile gadget. A responsive site facilitates mobile access, allowing you to easily run both marketing and SEO campaigns.

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