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Posted by sby on July 29, 2020

When Should I Get an Attorney by My Side?

Both a traffic ticket and armed robbery constitute criminal offenses. Despite one bearing much gravity that the other, both land you on the wrong side of the law. What is your next step of course when you find yourself in this situation?

You can decide to opt to pay the traffic ticket fine, but that cannot apply for the armed robbery charge. Can you represent yourself in front of a judge and jury with all the legal knowledge? This forms part of an example that applies when having an attorney by your side.

Your release from court majorly depends on your legal representation in court. Taking the bar actually a seal of approval. In case you find yourself in the wrong hands of the law, you need an attorney to help you out. Here are more instances that will call for attorney services your side

1. Personal Injury Cases

Not all court cases will place you as the perpetrator. You could end up as the victim in some cases. Imagine you are walking down the stress and get kit by a careless driver. Unfortunately, you end up losing your upper body strength. It is going to be tough on you as you start your life as a quadriplegic.

Do you know you can get compensation from the accident in a court of law? This is the point where you need to hire a personal injury attorney. The work of the physical injury attorney is finding justice to victims as a result of negligence.

2. Divorce Proceedings

You did not think that your happy marriage will end up with signing your divorce papers. It is common to see that most of the marriages today end up in divorce. The nature of the case plays a huge role in determining the extent of the divorce matters.

The matters become worse when the grounds for the divorce is not mutual. This is one area where legal representation comes in. This brings about related issues such as property, child support, child custody, and debt comes in. You can avoid all the hassle that comes with court dates by hiring an attorney by your side.

3. Wrongful Termination

It falls on the federal and state laws to prevent the wrongful termination of workers at the workplace. It is hard for a regular person to understand these laws. However, an attorney is better suited to represent you against your employer. All workers have rights that must be protected at the workplace. You will find that your employer already has an attorney and therefore you also need to have one by your side.

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