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Posted by sby on August 08, 2019

Starting a Blog the Right Way

There is no shortage of websites present in the world. This should not prove intimidating when you wish to launch your blog. With the right approach, you shall earn your place online. Here are the factors that shall determine how well it does.
You need to settle only for a topic you love. Most people choose based on how much they stand to make. This is not sustainable, as it shall begin to feel like dreadful work. If you pick something you enjoy, you will not ever feel like it is a chore.
You need to register your domain. The domain name will essentially be the brand. Pick an encompassing yet unique name. The name also has to match what you will call our site. You cannot afford any confusions with your brand.
At the same time, pick the right blogging platform. You shall hear of so many free ones in the market. Unfortunately, that free cost means any changes they make shall affect you, mostly negatively. You should focus your mind on a self-hosting blogging platform, such as (not .com) or SquareSpace.
Look also for dependable hosting services. You need to think of paid options for this service. You also cannot expect much from free hosting services, as the free blogging platforms. Paid hosting makes for faster, more reliable, services that come with amazing customer care.
You need to install analytics right from the start. You shall get to learn more about the channels your customers used to reach you, their details, and other critical data. You can build upon that to attract even more customers.
You should then focus on your email list. This should be part of the first tasks to be accomplished. This serves as our resource for getting more customers in future.
Make sure you always respect the copyright laws. There is a need for you to always confirm whether an image you are interested in using has any copyrights on it. You will be better off relying on those that are free under Creative Commons licensing, or to pay for stock images. You need to keep records of the permissions, should you need to refer to them later.
You should also get into the habit of posting regularly. This shall ensure you are not so easily forgotten, as you are still building up your name. You should avoid posting too much at once, opting for one or two weekly.
There are even more strategies to implement, such as networking with influencers, avoiding being a perfectionist, and setting realistic goals. There is no need to think only of being an instant hit. Patiently build up your readership until you get to your desired numbers. You can read more on this site.

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