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Posted by sby on December 09, 2019
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Tips for Selecting the Best Drug Detox Center

You can find it difficult to select a drug detox center. Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic has gone up hence leading to misleading marketing and unethical practices because facilities’ only need is to gain money. Below are things you need to be keen on when choosing a drug detox center.

Look at the post-treatment recovery support. Drug detox treatment needs high-quality clinical care as well as support. When you are done with a drug detox treatment, you are left by yourself and it is imperative that support system be availed to assist you from falling back to using drugs. The best drug detox centers offer numerous post-treatment alternatives such as phone-based coaching, contributing to care groups, apps to enhance recovery and more support and resources.

You need to check family involvement. In many cases, addiction is seen as a family disease because it affects all the family members. Families require recovering from addiction too by being equipped with knowledge on how to work through the problems they have experienced, build trust in relationships and set healthy boundaries. Those being treated tend to recover at a better rate the time each member of their family gets involved in the recovery process and taught about addiction.

Be keen on the detox program length. The duration spent in treatment should be determined by one’s progress as opposed to a set number of days. Some drug detox programs offer a pre-determined time frame but if one does not seem to improve within that time, they extend the treatment period. Look for programs that offer multiple levels of detox so that you can go to a less-intense level of care as you make progress.

Ensure you put treatment success rate into account. Many times, detox providers do not measure treatment outcomes and when they do, they are not consistent. In addition, how various centers define treatment success could differ. Be wary of a center that claims to have a 100{bdd80d1d08558ada68ee728ca0a51665f0e24036929a9838539c44d798f30376} success rate. If a center cannot avail its success rate, avoid it too.

You should choose a facility with a multi-disciplinary detox plan. The highest quality detox programs involve a multidisciplinary care team to address every aspect of the disease – spirit, body, and mind. What this means is that the program is supposed to include a mix of professionals who work as a team to create a detox plan for your specific needs. All the professionals should have licenses in their particular discipline. If a center has one worker wearing numerous hats, avoid it. A multidisciplinary detox plan consists of spiritual care counselor, wellness specialist, nutritionist, nurse, medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, and chemical dependency counselor.

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