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Posted by sby on February 23, 2018

Podcasts Changing The World Of Communication

People are said to be in communication when they exchange different information. Different methods are used to pass information from one. Man always want to be heard by more people if they are delivering some kind of information. Passing information through different methods will determine how it reaches the people and how many. From the traditional days of using smoke, horns, ground thumping, drums to the use of simple modes like messengers and letter writing to modern ways that came with the invention of the telephone to more modern modes like emails courtesy of the availability of the internet in today’s world.

Communication through the internet was more specific than it is now. Back then it prices for getting internet connection were very high. Internet prices have been reduced to meet people’s needs. This made it more available for more people.

Different ways have been used to communicate through the internet. Writing materials on the internet for others to read through a systemic way is called blogging. In this modern era, an individual can get whatever information they want from reading blogs.

The evolution of telling stories online moved from blogs and blogs to pod casts. A podcast is a media file that is distributed online to portable and personal computers through syndication. They allow for users to listen either online or offline. To get more listeners and visitors to their sites, these type of bloggers offer incentives like free downloads to those who create a profile on their sites.

Podcasts have been available for more than a decade and were created by a newspaper columnist for one of their online columns that he wanted to be heard instead of being read. Podcasts have different names like net casting and mp3 blogs.

Podcasts are used for many reasons communication and passing messages being the main reason.;

One of the uses of podcasts is telling stories where many bloggers have shifted their attention from written stories to telling their stories through podcasts audio especially. Many people get the information if it is shared in podcast form.

Many people with tutorial sites have found written tutorials to be monotonous and tiresome and have preferred to switch to a more appealing methods.

Entertainers have taken upon themselves to get their art out there to people.

Various professional companies have also taken into this by communicating to employees and potential employees for example the company’s policies and rules through podcasts.

The following have been seen to be importance of using podcasts over other mediums of passing information.

Talent base is growing as more people are coming up with innovative ways to improve podcasting.

Podcasts can also be seen to be less costly both to the maker and the users who visit the sites.

Podcasts are also portable making it easy for users to use any time they feel like.

Convenience and efficiency has made podcasts a very important mode of communication.

Case Study: My Experience With Resources

Case Study: My Experience With Resources

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